The Virginia Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail

The Virginia Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail is a driving and "stop-to-experience" trail along or near the Great Valley Rd (Rt.11 & I81),from Bristol to Charlottesville, then currently travels north to Culpeper County and eastward to King and Queen and Caroline Counties. These routes follow and honor their documented travels in the Commonwealth, their ancestral history, and the people and places they visited. Come take the journey, visit the sites, learn about their families and friends, and how their histories in VA are significantly intertwined with the Expedition.

Meet the Explorers


William Clark

Meriwether Lewis



To expand heritage tourism and economic development by: PRESERVING the routes that Lewis and Clark traveled before and after the expedition.  HONORING and CELEBRATING the connections of Meriwether Lewis & William Clark to Virginia and to the people and places they visited during their travels.  RECOGNIZING the Virginia-born & Virginia-connected members of the Corps of Discovery.  PROMOTING citizen awareness and trail exploration in Virginia and beyond.




More About The Trail

Nat'l Park Service Maps

These maps were compiled in 2014 and reflect their survey findings in Virginia...

Participating Counties

Counties known to have documented ties to one or both explorers.

Our Trail Partners

organizations that have provided consultation, financial support, and in-kind services.

Meet Our Board

Meet our 15 Board of Directors for The Virginia Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail.

About Touring the Trail...

The Virginia Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail, Inc. (VLCLT) organization works in collaboration with VLCLT County/City Chairs to support heritage tourism and provide the best possible experience for all visitors. As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, Virginia Lewis and Clark-related historic homes, sites, and museums are becoming more available to welcome visitors. Out of consideration for each site you wish to visit, as well as for your own travel plans and schedule, we strongly suggest and encourage you to call AHEAD the contact person listed on the website in the “Along the Trail” link. This connection will help ensure the venue you wish to visit is open for travelers, and if no website is listed on the VLCLT website, to learn about their visitation policies, hours of operation, limited occupancy, and other visiting guidelines and opportunities. The “Along the Trail” link offers contact names, phone #’s, and websites (if available) for your information. For questions, email the VLCLT, Inc. at vlcltinc@gmail.com or contact us.