Clark’s 1809 Travel Memo

From William Clark’s 1809 Travel Journal – Virginia Trip – A second look

information from pages 68 & 69, 72 in the back of the ledger – these pages may have been compiled after the events of the journal itself

9th  [Nov] Thursday  Rogersville   Co. Rogers   23 miles   *[$]3.75, servents  .12]

10th  [Nov] Friday     B. at a Mr. Armstrongs  *[$]1.50], crossed the N. fork of Holston, stayed all night at Mr. Wm. Sniders at Kings Landing on Holston *[$]4.50 cakes $0.62]   26 miles

11th Novr. [1809]       Breakfast at Mr. [possibly Mrs.] Earbis place *[($)1.75], stayed all night at Capt. Goodman’s   *[Capt. Goodsons [($)3.25]    28 miles

12th [Nov]                   Breakfast at Col. John Prestons, passed thro’ Abbingdon, stayed all night at the brick house  *[Mr. Carpenters ($)3.25, servants ($)0.25] – met Mr. Minor + his wife and [Miss] [Barber]   21 miles

13th [Nov]                   Breakfast at a house one mile [lack] of the 7 m[ile] ford   *[Jacob (?) Coal one mile from 7 m. ford  ($)1.50 apples + pie ($).25] – stayed all night at young Atkinses  * young adkinsins ($) 4.62, grain at straw “.25 P[…]whisky grog “.62 To a man to p[itch … to Majr Prestons ($)1.”]    23 miles

*no dates   at River Canhaway    “ – 75                                                at Mjr (?) P. Levent (?)“ – 25

At Christians Burgh “- 50

At Roanoke                ” – 25

At horse shoeing       “- 75

*at young adkinses 13 November 1809                     *To Capt Kents house
*Horses at Capt Kents Tavern

14th [Nov]                   passed through Wyth, staid all night at Majr. Kents a little off the main road, sent [Only] + [sevt]  to his Tavern on the road   29 miles

15th [Nov]                   arrived at Majr Prestons late at night   25 miles

16th [Nov]                   at Majr Prestons  – Mr. Ben Howard arrived late

17th [Nov]                   at Majr. Prestons – Mr. Ben Howard set out

18th [Nov]                   at Majr. Prestons

19th [Nov]                   at Majr. Prestons – Dr. Floyd arrived about sunset

20th [Nov]                   set out with Dr. + [Mrs] Floyd – crossed at Englishes Ferry – arrived at Christians Burgh  – 12 miles  […of Alliganey? … *English ferry Christiansburg  25 miles

21st [Nov]                    Grass covered with snow – met Col. Hancock, George / James Preston Capt. Poiyton [?] on the Turnpike – much joy – Col. H + George return and we stay all night at [Botts], at Forthingay   12 miles

22nd [Nor 1809]          Wilson Lewis near Salom [near Salem, not New Salem] – children have hooping cough – “Tied a string around my childs nake [neck] to prevent his taking it”    15 miles
>23rd [Nov]                   arrived at Col. Hancocks [*Fincastle] at dusk – great joy     21 miles

24th 25th 26th 27          at Col. Hancocks

28th [Nov]                   dined at Mr. Gussens

29th [Nov]                   at Col. Hancocks

30th [Nov]                   at Mr. Lockharts  Dined  [possibly started to write Gussens – crossed out]

2d [Decr] [1809]        at Col. Hancocks –“Col Hancock gave me in bank notes + silver $700 to have changed and sent to Gen. [Preston] of Richmon[d] with a letter”

3rd Decr [1809]          [team] of 2 horses – Mr. [ ]Conkeys [*McConkeys $1.57]    21 miles

>4th Decr                      breakfast at Mr. Shields in Lexington [*1.25] (Consent – or Court? – Day)  – proceeded on to Col. McDowells [*boy .25]    [no mileage]

5th Decr                      Dined at Greenville [*1.25] – stayed all night at Mr. Blanks [*possibly Blacks ($)1.75]    [no mileage]

6th [Decr]                    Breakfast at Rockfish Gap [*$1.12]– and “stay’d all night at Mrs. Marks Gov. Lewis mother, she was not at home”. The family much distressed – I shewed young Mr. Marks all the letters I had about his Brothers situation…” *[Mrs. Marks boy -50]  [no mileage]

7th Decr 1809             Charlots ville   Mr. Thos. Jefferson – ‘invited me to stay at his house + I went with him and remained all night. Spoke much on the afs [affairs] of Gov. Lewis +c +c +c   *[Charlots ville .75, Mr. Jefferson boy -75]  [no mileage]