Thank You for supporting the Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail!

The Virginia Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail (VLCLT) must continuously raise funds to help support General Operations as well as its Signage Program. Funds are needed especially for signs that tell the story of the Lewis and Clark connection and are placed at a verified Lewis & Clark-connected site or location along trail routes. The trail is grateful for any amount contributed. You can donate in one of three ways: 1. Through the trail’s SECURE Pay Pal option at the bottom of this page; 2. Completing the following form and mail your contribution by check to: Jim Johnston, Treasurer, Virginia Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail, 1340 Hidden View Road, Roanoke, Virginia 24015; and 3. Go to the next link under “Donate” to “Give Using Kroger Awards.” The VLCLT is a not-for-profit, tax exempt entity and donation are tax deductible. Please consult your tax consultant for questions.