National Park service maps

These National Park Service maps were compiled in 2014 and reflect their survey findings in Virginia for their Eastern Legacy Special Resource Study.

National Park Service maps are graphical products designed for general reference, orientation, and route finding. These maps represent four smaller “segments” of the larger 258 mile Virginia Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail Segment #10, commonly referred to as the Great Valley Road segment. They include: Segment 10 a- from Bean Station, Tennessee to Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia; Segment 10 b- from Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia to Wytheville, Virginia; Segment 10 c -from Wytheville, Virginia to Roanoke, Virginia; and 10d – from Roanoke, Virginia to Staunton and Charlottesville. It is one of six Virginia trail segments identified by the NPS as being traveled by Lewis & Clark. Additionally, there is now information that a seventh segment is possible in eastern Virginia that could begin in King and Queen County and head north to Fairfax County.


Blue is a trail “corridor” with the main trail routes near or along the Great Valley Road noted in Red and located in the middle of the corridor. Other side routes the Explorers traveled are also designated in Red as are the Lewis & Clark-connected historic sites along the trail.